Partnership Benefits

We are looking to create strategic partnerships to help move My Daughter's Keeper book signing tour from city to city. After a hugely successful inaugural book signing event in Los Angeles,  we realized the magnetic appeal of this book across gender and racial lines. 

My Daughter's Keeper is a book that could ignite a long overdue national conversation about how to establish a healthy co-parenting dynamic, post marriage/relationship breakup. 

If you wish to be a part of our efforts to elevate a healthy conversation around child custody,  contact us today to see how you can become a My Daughter's Keeper Partner. 

Partnership Benefits include: 

    ◦    Social media branding, including logo and tagging your business in all social media posts related to My Daughter’s Keeper events.

    ◦    Your business’s logo and link to your site featured on author’s website

    ◦    Your business personally acknowledged in radio/podcast interviews

    ◦    Your promotional materials featured at all My Daughter’s Keeper events